Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Knott's Peanuts Celebration 2022

We attended the Knott's Peanuts Celebration 2022 three times so far and we plan on 1 more visit before it ends on March 6th.I will update this blog with each visit!


Knott's Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration 2022
January 22-March 6


February 6th, 2022:

February 21st, 2022:

February 27th, 2022:


We had food from the year round menu as well as the event menu.  I will be sure to let you know which is which with a *** in front of the food item!  Please note:  We have the Knott's 2022 Dining Plan and a 2022 refillable season beverage.  This means we will always go for the combo meals when available.

Boardwalk BBQ

***Shermy's Smoked Meat Sandwich

This is a Reuben to beat all Reubens.  Plus it comes with the side of your choice.  One of our favorites is the mac and cheese, of which you get two GIANT scoops.  Split this with someone and you'll be full without feeling gross.  That is unless you get the new guy we got on Feb 27th that gave us 3 tiny slices of meat on the sandwich.

Teriyaki Flank Steak

Chewy and not very flavorful.  You can skip it.  We did, however, try the pesto mac and cheese and cornbread as our sides and both are stunningly fantastic!

Calico Saloon


Giant theme park pickle for under $5.  It's cold and delicious!

***Pineapple Sangria

Pineapple hard cider mixed with white wine is what it tastes like.  Very refreshing!

The Bonfire

You can get it with Vodka, Fireball, Bourbon, Tequila, or rum.  I chose Bourbon.  The alcohol of choice is served with Sarsaparilla.  It drinks like a boozy root beer and it is the bomb!


***Spicy Siracha Shrimp Tacos with Creamy Coleslaw

This comes with rice and beans.  Be warned, there is absolutely no spice in this dish.  They are very soggy as well so plan on eating quickly or grab a fork, knife, and a load of napkins!

Grande Carne Asada Burrito with Chips and Salsa

Tasty, tender meat, rice, beans, cheese, and salsa come together to make one of the better bites you'll have at a theme park.  You can skip the unsalted chips.

Grizzly Creek Lodge

French Toast Sticks

This comes with a fruit bowl of the cheapest fruit Knott's can find.  The sticks are good enough when dipped in the included syrup.

***Grande Mac Sloppy Joe with Mac and Cheese

Messy as hell, this comes with fries and an overly doughy bun.  Grab extra napkins!

Hot Dog

Your basic theme park hot dog comes with fries.  There are worse tasting things in the park.

***Patty Melt Grilled Cheese

This is so good, we had it twice.  It comes with fries plus this location has a full toppings bar so you can dress it up.

La Papa Loca

***Wah Wah Wah Buffalo Popcorn Chicken Loaded Fries

This has to be one of my favorite items from this event.  Tender chicken breasts with a crunchy exterior slathered in a fantastic buffalo sauce served over crispy fries and drizzled with ranch.  Make sure you have napkins!!!!

Strictly on a Stick

Make the Dog Happy (Turkey Corndog with Grainy Brown Mustard)

This comes with a delicious boysenberry sauce and fries as well.  One of my favorite things in the festival!

Sutter's Grill

Chicken Tenders with fries

The chicken is crisp and flavorful.  The fries come seasoned with seasoning salt which can be a bit much.  Overall, at $14, this is a great meal.

Sutter's Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza and salad

The pizza is flavorful but the crust is a bit hard.  It is standard themepark pizza a slight step below that from Disney.  I also think it's overpriced.  Cannot review the salad.  SEE SECTION BELOW.

***Fun Guy Charlie's Pizza and salad

The pizza is a unique creation.  It comes with charred tri-tip, chimichurri, mushrooms, and arugula.  Unfortunately, the arugula was burnt beyond recognition which left a gross taste in my mouth.  Cannot review the salad.  SEE SECTION BELOW.


Sutter's Pizza ran out of salad for 15 minutes at one point and rather than offer a substitute side for those on the dining plan that don't have the option of just buying a slice or telling us they would have more in a few minutes (as evidenced by someone we ran into 15 minutes later that told us they had no issues getting a salad with their slice from there), TEYA opted to tell me, after hoping I would not notice since I had to ask about the salad, that they were out and when pushed about a substitute decided to just argue with me and then walk away.

Now I am not one to yell at a minimum wage employee.  It is not HER fault they ran out of a product.  It IS her fault that she handled it so poorly.  I did call Knott's the next day to suggest some better training for Teya as well as some sort of backup plan for dining plan customers when a side is out.


I will only include rides we did during the visits while Peanuts Celebration 2022 was happening. Special event overlays will include a ***.

Calico Mine Ride

A classic at the park that needs a serious update.  While the conductor announces that masks are required on the ride, it is not remotely enforced by the employees, which is disappointing given the close proximity to other guests.  Regardless, this is a fun one if the wait is short!

Calico Railroad

I had not been on this in years.  So long in fact that I still assumed they fired guns during the robbery.  They do not and have not for over 15 years apparently. HAHA.  They do still perform the robbery and the ride is just as relaxing as it always was.

***Grand Sierra Railroad

This one has a special overlay for Peanuts Celebration 2022 and that's the only reason we went on it but you know what?  It is awesome!  A nice relaxing ride through half the park with a cute story!


Jaguar is a rough ride.  I am always in pain when I get off and the line is deceptively long even when it looks short.

Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair

A fun enough dark ride, the line can be long and not worth it and the firing mechanics will give you wrist pain for days.  Fun if the line is short!

Montezooma's Revenge

This one is a classic and thankfully we rode it one last time on the 6th.  The ride is now closed for the remainder of 2022 for a major rehab.  (See video for February 6th) It broke down on the last ride and we had to wait for repairs.  It is well past due for a repair job!

Pony Express

We rode this for the first time during Peanuts Celebration 2022 and it is likely my new favorite ride!  The line can get very long but this is one I would wait 30 minutes for!

Timber Mountain Log Ride

This one is closed for refurbishments but it is one of my favorite log rides in California!  You don't get too wet and the theming is nice.


We will only include entertainment experienced during Peanuts Celebration 2022 and we won't include character meetings.

It's Your Life, Charlie Brown!

Themed around the old show, it's a cute musical revue/game show featuring live performers and characters.  Seating is extremely limited so get there early.  This only plays twice a day!  Very cute but very cheezy!

Peanuts Sketch School

A great way to spend 20 minutes.  This takes place throughout the day and is limited seating.  An artist teaches you how to draw a Peanuts character.  The characters vary as does the artist.  You get to keep the drawing you do.  Free souvenir!  Definitely a must do!

Spike's Silent Disco

So much fun!  You just have to do it to know.  People watching you cannot hear the music you're dancing to.

Take Care with PEANUTS

This is a small museum located in Town Hall dedicated to the history of the Peanuts desire to live responsibly.  It's a good way to kill some time in the shade!

Woodstock's Music Festival

Limited seating so arrive early.  This is a fun concert featuring the characters, headlined by Jelly of the Month Club.  Def a fun experience for all!


We will update these sections with each Peanuts Celebration 2022 visit so be sure to come back and read a few times between now and March 6th!

Overall, this was one of our favorite events Knott's puts on!  If you can, you should check it out!