Monday, February 7, 2022


Welcome to Braggins Adventures. I used to be a travel agent and now I am a wedding and event planner. Put those two together and you'll find one awesome travel planner. We watch a lot of travel vlogs and my wife always said I should do one. Then my dad designed a really cool logo for our family vacations, so why not?

I want to take a moment to recognize some of the vlogs that got us interested in doing this to begin with and I want you to check out their vlogs by clicking the links below when you're done here! All Bill & Lisa's Food and Travel Disney Food Blog La Lido Loca Provost Park Pass Sharon at Sea The Hawaii Vacation Guide We tend to do a big vacation each year mixed in with some side and day trips. Here we are, over a decade later, and I am finally giving vlogging a go. I cannot promise weekly content. I cannot promise high tech gear. I cannot promise slick editing, good sound quality, fancy lighting, or flashy graphics. What I CAN promise honest, unpaid reviews, great tips from a real traveler, and one hell of a good time. Hit subscribe and click that notification bell! You can find more great content at Thanks for traveling with us and see you on the next trip!

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